Pug Hugs x 4

The best form of therapy w/ Bandit, Paisley, Smokey, & Whoopi

Left top: Bandit
Left bottom: Paisley
Right top: Smokey
Right bottom: Whoopi

These are my pugs,
I love them best!

This is their home,
You are a guest!

If you should find
My pugs a peeve,

Then by all means,
Feel free to leave!
(try not to let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!)

~ Bandit's 7th Birthday 01.01.12 - the King of my heart ~

Motto: "Handsome is as handsome does."

Birthday: 01.01.05

Gotcha Day: 02.17.05

Rainbow Bridge: 11.13.12

Nicknames: Mommy's Boy, Gentleman Bandit, Special B

AKC CGC - 3/24/07
TDI Therapy Dog - 4/26/08, retired later than year because of breathing problems.

Personality: Bandit has a very calm loving nature most of the time. But once started, a real party pug!

~ Paisley's 7th Birthday 10.12.12 ~

Motto: "Roo..roo..roo"

Birthday: 10.12.05

Gotcha Day: 12.14.05

Nicknames: Paisley Roo Roo, Crazy Paze, Sweat Pea

Personality: Paisley is very much my wild child. Just always so happy to be a pug she can't stop moving or sassing with her roo roos!

~ Smokey's 5th Birthday 10.26.12 ~

Motto: "Wanna play ball?"

Birthday: 10.26.07

Gotcha Day: 12.29.07

Nicknames: Sgt. Smokey Peanut

Personality: Smokey is my little sweetheart. A real cuddle bug when not being obsessed with playing ball. 2011 - we've had to limit the ball playing recently because of his bouts of syncope. But I did let him play with it a little bit because of his birthday today.

~ Whoopi's 4th Birthday 12.05.12 ~

Motto: "Its good to be me!"

Birthday: 12.05.08

Rescue Gotcha Day: 09.15.10

Nicknames: Whoopi Willow, Whoopi Pie

Personality: One minute Whoopi is a cuddle bug, the next minute she is tearing the stuffing out of her toys, a real mover and groover, loves to play and taunt her brothers and sister.

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